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NSA Canadian World Series
COED World Series 2016

Jul 29, 2016 to Aug 1, 2016

Leduc Alberta

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Men's and Women's World Series 2016

Jul 29, 2016 to Aug 1, 2016

Hamilton, Ontario

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Southern Ontario Spring Championships

May 21, 2016 to May 22, 2016

Patrick Cummings Park, Niagra Falls Ontario

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Native CO-ED World Series 2016

Jul 1, 2016 to Jul 3, 2016

Graham Acres Sports Complex, 4107 Flats Rd, Whitecourt Alberta

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Eastern Canadian World Series Labour Day Classic 2016

Sep 2, 2016 to Sep 5, 2016

Barrie Sports Plex, Barrie Ontario

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Western Canadian World Series Labour Day Classic 2016

Mar 30, 2016 to Sep 5, 2016

Okotoks On Deck, Okotoks Alberta

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2016 Alberta COED Provincials

Aug 19, 2016 to Aug 21, 2016

Brooks Regional Ball Park, Brooks Alberta

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2016 Alberta Men's and Women's Provincials

Jun 17, 2016 to Jun 19, 2016

Centennial Park, Sherwood Park Alberta

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NSA Ontario COED Provincial World Series

Sep 23, 2016 to Sep 25, 2016

Hamilton Ontario

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NSA Ontario Men & Women's Provincial World Series

Sep 30, 2016 to Oct 2, 2016

Hamilton Ontario

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Provincial World Series


NSA Provincial COED
World Series Events

NSA Provincial MENS & WOMENS
World Series Events



2016 NSA Canada COED World Series Location Press Release

This release is to explain what is happening in regards to the 2016 NSA Canada COED World Series location change that has been rumored.

In 2015 after growing and running the largest COED National Championship in Canada for 18 years in our home city of Calgary, we were forced to move the event to Lethbridge as the autocracy of the facility management in Calgary deemed it the right move to run their own events at the same time and dates.

NSA Canada worked diligently with great partners, Lethbridge Mixed Slopitch Association and specifically Sheldon Dyck and Jennifer Schroeder and other board members to make this popular event happen at the facilities, Softball Valley & Coaldale.

The event although smaller due to venue change was a fantastic success with teams, coaches, fans and the City very pleased with all that transpired.

Although NSA Canada lost money in moving the event ( as we had the previous 2 years in Calgary facility due to management restrictions) we as previously mentioned in posts from 2015, do this just as much for the players as for the association.

Our final discussions in Fall 2015 with Softball Valley facility management was that everyone was extremely happy on both sides and we all were looking forward to growing this long running event for years to come at Lethbridge facilities.

Our partners in LMSA worked diligently all off season to get an agreement in place for a long term "home" in Lethbridge as the city itself, host hotels, stadium management, numerous host bars and service outlets were so overwhelmed with the business that was brought into the community -2015 Lethbridge Sport Tourism Report- $2.5 M over the event and were all on board for the future growth of this event.

LMSA met with facility board members, city officials, members of the ball community in order to make this happen and were met with resounding approval from all with the exception of facility board and its management team.

LMSA persevered and had numerous meetings with this group to discuss any issues they may have had and what NSA Canada and LMSA could provide to finalize this long term agreement.

When this continued to drag out due to the facility management "fence sitting" NSA Canada and its management group in Alberta inquired and subsequently booked the great facility of Leduc as a stop gap measure to ensure the 2016 COED World Series event would happen.

The issue was that up to 2 months ago, there was 90% chance that Softball Valley was going to be the long term home for this event.

Two weeks ago the final meeting with facility management was had and the finality of their reluctance to be open for a softball event at a premier softball facility was made clear.

This is their decision and while there is very little to support the reason why, it is simply another example of how current management groups running autocratic management styles continue to ruin the ability to provide options for teams and players to be able to play the game they love.

By deciding to not be "open for business" in Lethbridge due to personal agendas and antiquated city lease process, we are moving this great event to the great facilities of Leduc , everything else stays the same, dates , fun, prize money etc.

NSA Canada want to thank all the hard work that Sheldon Dyck , Jennifer Schroeder and the LMSA board did as our partners, we also want to personally thank all the City of Lethbridge officials and business owners who lobbied to make this event an annual process.

For any teams that have changes to make to itineraries already booked, please contact and he will assist with your inquiries personally.

Our National Events Coordinator - Darlene Bowman is also available to assist you –

Please stay tuned for the calendar of events for Leduc as we will be tweaking our info paks to represent the new venue location.

Thanks you for your patience and support.

NSA Canada

2016 League / Tournament Packages


NSA Canada would like to recognize and congratulate Jo Jo Ebinger on the success of her 2015 Champions of Hope Tournament.

The Tournament raised $52,760.00 and 100% will be donated to the CJ92 Kids Fund in Calgary, AB.

Special thanks to the NSA Canada Umpires and Staff who donated their time to this special event.

Press Release – NSA Partners with Miller Lite

June 15/2015

NSA Canada is proud to announce 5 year agreement with SABMiller Canada and the great brand of Miller Lite.

The sponsorship takes effect immediately and will kick off with promotional activity leading up to the largest National Championships in 2 locations- Hamilton, Ontario and Lethbridge, Alberta annually held on the August Long Weekend.

2015 COED World Series

Press Release – NSA Partners with USSSA

May 15/2015

NSA Canada is proud to announce a long term, in depth relationship with USSSA!

We are very proud to be involved with one of the largest sports associations in the world. Both groups biggest goal in this discussion process was to build a program & partnership that will encompass more participants and levels as well as not only the mens/womens programs but also the coed/mixed markets.

2015 COED World Series

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